Native and
Adaptive Plants

Looking for ways to create a beautiful landscape without draining your pocketbook or our water supplies? May we suggest a palette of native and adapted plants?

Just because we live where the West begins doesn’t mean our landscapes have to look like a desert to be water-efficient. So get your mind off the idea of cacti and rocks. There is an abundance of native and adapted plants perfect for this climate and with enough variety to suit anyone’s taste

Imagine a lush and colorful oasis filled with drought-tolerant or native plants. Now that’s what we call a Texas SmartScape™. Once established, these landscapes thrive on less water, can take the Texas heat, and are easier to maintain.

Creating a Texas SmartScape comes with a bounty of benefits:

Lower water bills.

Typically native plants require 80 percent less water than non-native species. And once established they can survive on natural rainfall, without any help from us.

Disease-resistant plants

Native plants reduce the need for pesticides and fertilizers. Decreasing our dependence on lawn care products keeps harmful chemicals from washing into our waterways during a downpour. That means a cleaner environment for all of us to enjoy.

Lower maintenance.

Save yourself some time on yardwork.

A diverse habitat.

Urbanization has reduced the variety of plants in our landscapes. SmartScape settings can help bring urban landscapes back to life. They offer diverse sources of food and provide a desirable sanctuary for songbirds, butterflies, and other Texas wildlife.

A fun project for the whole family.

Kids are natural-born diggers who can really appreciate the hands-on opportunity of a gardening facelift.

Different plants need different amounts of water, sun, and shade to survive.

Remember to group plants according to their light and watering needs. Creating water zones with plants that have similar water requirements will help you cut back on water waste.

Don’t forget to add mulch to landscape beds to help conserve water in the soil. Learn more about Texas native and adapted plants at North Central Texas SmartScape.

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